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Reinholds chastity belt review

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This text was typed and laid out by myself. I took the photos myself. Just click on them. The person is always me and I apologize for the hairy monster. I didn't copy anything! I beg you, to honor this by not copying from me. Nevertheless I cannot deny, that I read several other reviews. So there may be some correspondence.

Since I don't consider the pictures nor the text to be adult content, I don't rate this for a certain age. On the other hand I don't believe a minor owns enough money, to buy a chastity belt. Moreover it isn't a wise thing to buy one, if you're still growing. Just wait for your time to come!

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PS: If it isn't already obvious, I hereby admit: I'm not a native English speaker. So you've got to bear my German accent for the rest of this article.


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Everything started with a primitive homemade chastity belt. It was completely build of chains. They were part of a bedstead I found on the attic. With pliers I opened every single link and connected them to form a first "design study". The whole thing pretty much looked like underpants and was worth nothing because it didn't work.

For some years I forgot about the whole thing, until one day I stumbled over a very interesting German forum. It was only a short way to find this site and many others too.

I was absolutely fascinated by the thought of being locked up in a REAL device. But those were pretty expensive. So again I delayed the decision.

Actually my (former) girlfriend wasn't willing to react to any ambiguities, that I spread here and there. She was already overburdened with my sexual desires concerning SM. Finally it didn't go on like that any longer. Well then I was a single again.

Nevertheless my fantasies didn't stop. The woman in my dreams just lost her face. SHE is doing things unthinkable for my Ex.

One day I came to the conclusion, to buy a chastity belt. This really took a while because I thought, I would never find the courage, to tell the next woman in my live about it. I postponed it again and again. It was a whole lot of money and I fantasized about HER unwrapping the package and locking me up. So I thought, I should wait until I find HER.

But I couldn't stand it any longer. I ordered my own Reinholds chastity belt. The email-contact was very friendly from the very first line. I had a lot of questions that were not answered on the web site.

Reinhold provided me with lots of details and several close up photos to give me a better impression of the locking mechanism.

Soon I was convinced that his belt would be the best solution for me!


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Of course I was also thinking about stainless steel, but the available designs didn't catch my eye. The organic outline of the Reinholds belt attracted me most. It looks so natural.

In addition I had bad luck with some handcuffs. After some time of wearing the metal surface became blind. But with this material (Epoxid) I don't expect it to wear out.

Moreover there are a lot of people reacting allergic on some metals. I didn't want to become one of them. Sometimes you can "smell" metals. I guess it's because of some kind of degradation of the surface. Even if it is not really rusting, there is something going on. But a plastic-like composite, that's resistant to all kind of chemicals, won't smell, I'm sure.

I don't think of metal being more secure. I've already cut it with a very cheap saw. The point about security is not, that you cannot cut it, if you really want to. You SHOULDN'T WANT TO, because you need to explain this to your key holder. And if you don't fear her anger, you will really feel sorry for the money you've spent.

I didn't even consider designs, that only torture the testicles. From self experiments I know, that I cannot connect anything directly to my scrotum. Either it is too tight and the blood circulation is cut of, or it is not secure. In it's flaccid state the only thing to hold onto are the balls. And since I'm not into cock & ball torture (cbt), this is not an option for me.

Finally there is a last reason. Did you ever hear someone complaining about comfort in a Reinholds belt? No? Just think about it: a Reinholds does not need any padding! No reason, to worry about gluing Neoprene and things like that.

Once I read of somebody who ordered his metal-belt. To adjust it he had to bend it. But still the fit wasn't perfect. So it went back and forth by mail. When he got it back, some welding was broken. What a design, if it does not even survive the postal service?


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It really took a long time to wait for this day to arrive. But what was this all about? Isn't chastity pure waiting? Several times the possible date was shifted further away.

In early April I visited Reinhold in person. His small one-man-business is located in a single workroom in his picturesque house. The neighbors don't know. And if they do, they are certainly trapped in one of his artworks.

We chatted some time about technical details as well as the history of development. He showed me some other belts in different stages along with the tools he uses.

Everything was fine. Nobody pointed a finger at me, calling me perverted. I just stripped naked, like I would do in front of my physician. Fortunately I didn't get an erection! No embarrassment at all.

There it was, my belt, still in parts connected with screws, but especially assembled for me. I had given some basic measurements to Reinhold beforehand. So he could prepare this temporary collection.

The waist fitted immediately. The crotch-band was too loose. Since you can only cut away once, he left some extra space. The front was shortened in an iterative process to the right length.

Very soon I was locked up for the first time. He encouraged me to sit down, lay back and test the belt. This way he could mark the weak points with a felt pen.

To preserve the exact shape, Reinhold put me in plaster. It is a strange feeling. There is somebody fumbing between your legs. You can see his hands. You feel them brush against your thighs. But non of this reaches your penis. There is only this pleasant heat form the plaster.

Some 15 minutes later, I was released. Despite I had shaved myself, I've lost some lonely hairs in the back, where I didn't go far enough. While I took a shower Reinhold rearranged the plaster and cleaned up.

That's about it. After several hours, I was heading home and the wait started again.


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Now it's already six weeks since the measuring. An email announced the package. I wasn't at home, so I had to fetch it the next day.

There was not much to do this Thursday afternoon, as I had planned for. I left early. On my way home I picked up the parcel. It was extremely lightweight compared to the volume.

With trembling fingers I opened the seal. First there was a letter with instructions. And then I dug deeper in to uncover my chastity belt.

As advised I checked the two keyed-alike locks with all four keys just to be sure. Next I moved into the bathroom. After a first test I warmed the belt with hot water. It becomes a lot more flexible this way.

Then I jumped in. But I didn't take into account, that I was getting more and more aroused. It took half an hour for my penis to point downward again.

Wow, what a feeling. The belt is a lot tighter than I remembered the measuring. But it's not uncomfortable.

The problem was me, being so horny. My member was constantly revolting against it's new prison. The first two hours were pure agony. I cannot feel my penis, but the blood, that had no space left in the tube, was pressing the balls into their confining chamber. This way a half-erection means constant pain.


Click to hide the belt with underpants!

The first tests

As advised I started off with a two hour test. Those were the hardest two hours I had in the belt so far. I was permanently aroused and for the first time there was nothing to do about it.

To distract myself a little, I took the first set of photos on this page. As you can see the color is not yet correct. This is only the first revision, to test the fit. There is still some work for Reinholds to be done, like improving security and painting the belt.

In the early evening I got out and for the night in again. For some hours I slept, but in the very early morning I couldn't stand it any longer. As you know, I'm still in possession of the keys. So I played with myself and slept another couple of hours in freedom.

The next morning I locked myself for the shower. This and also the toilet was no problem at all. The photos had convinced me, that the belt is really invisible under clothes. So I decided to complete my first 24 hours locked up.

On Saturday morning I removed the device after shopping. Nobody, really nobody, found out about my little secret. I did not get a single reaction. Not even one insinuation.

On Sunday afternoon I reattached the belt. And again in the early morning hours I awoke. I had to take another break for several hours, because I need my beauty-sleep.

Monday morning I locked me up and stayed in till Friday morning, when I opened for a health check. Look what I found in the Problems section.

Especially in the early morning hours I tend to have an uncontrollable erection. The only way to solve this is to get into an upright position and wait 20 minutes no matter how tired you are. Because I did not know this, I just tried to sleep in again. The constant pressure made me rolling back and forth. All this movement resulted into a sore spot along the underside of the penis. It was not that painful as you might think since I could stand it for another two days. But guess how surprised I was, when the belt opened.

This weekend I couldn't play. But during the next week I started again with short periods. Now I was more careful concerning health. Regularly I checked myself.

The next weekend I had the single possibility to check the reaction of a woman. She's a good friend and it would be no problem if she got to know my little secret. To reach her I had to drive my car for some hours. It was like sitting on a chair. Once you find a certain comfortable position you try not to move. The only thing to mention was the sun heating my jeans and the belt beneath. I didn't realize it at first. But after a movement I knew where the uncomfortable warmth came from. A cool stream of air from the fan and my white t-shirt came in handy. This convinced me that a sauna-visit won't be a good idea.

(Now I've changed my opinion. I think the feeling of heat resulted form a lack of blood circulation. So it would be counter-productive to try to sit still. In contrary it would be a lot better to sit "dynamically"! This may vary for others.)

On arrival we gave us a hug. Because I'm taller I bend down and forward. This way there was no risk of touching her inappropriately. The first thing I ordered was a shower. I was fried from the heat in my car. And of course I wanted to check my private parts very carefully, as far as it is possible without a key.

That evening we went out into town. On the way back we missed the last public transportation. So we had to walk for an hour. At first I thought I would die. But it was unexpectedly easy. The cool night prevented me from getting sweat. With every step some cold air was pumped through my trousers.

That night I was very carefully changing into my pajama for not giving her a view. The next morning I boldly presented myself only in underpants and belt like on the photos. But nothing happened! I can only guess that she was not really looking.

Another evening we were sitting in the park chatting. The later the evening the more interesting the topics became. Finally I told her about the belt. She was a little shocked, but in no way disgusted. Looking back I interviewed her if she had really no clue. The only thing she observed without knowing was that I must have quite a large cock judging the bulge in my pants. No word about smell or strange behavior like shifting a lot on chairs.

The next day I instructed her to carefully watch me and check whether anything was obvious to the knowing observer. But again no result. As long as I don't strip she could not tell if I was still wearing the belt.

Back at home I gave my skin another day to relax. But there was no specific reason. Over the week I accumulated several short terms of wear.

Reinhold had shifted my second appointment another week. I don't know if it was pure coincidence or a wise and foreseeing decision to do this. But now I had to stay in until he would unlock me. Even if I felt like a little boy, who was told that Christmas is going to be a week later, I could use the time to gain valuable experiences.

My first chaste week passed by with no special incidents. I was further experimenting with driving the bicycle. This is still a great challenge. It's like torturing yourself. But there's no way around because I need my bike. I hope some changes to the belt and a lot of training will help. Because of the warm weather I sweat enough to keep the skin wet in the region, where the thigh rubs against the crotch band. This is why the skin there gets especially tender.


The rear entrance.


First the good news: As you can see from the photos on this page the belt is really invisible! Even scarce underpants can conceal it.

Taking a shower or bathing is no problem. Your fingers bring the soap where it's needed. And where your fingers are not allowed to touch, the water will rinse the soap. Don't worry too much about drying yourself. Just shake the whole belt to drain the penis tube and towel the surface. The remaining drops are sucked up by your clothes or the skin. In fact your testicles won't get really dry as you permanently sweat a little bit. The whole process won't take longer than a normal shower. Actually you save the time, you formerly spent on playing with your member.

Also using the toilet works quite well. For a small business you concentrate on letting it come very slowly. If the pressure is too high, I have the feeling, that some urine might flow to the testicles. Therefore I've ordered more small holes to drain the fluids. Your back entrance is held open neatly by the loop in the string. Nothing gets in the way. For cleaning you only need a minimum of paper. First you drain the tube by shaking the whole belt. Next you suck up the last drops. Last you clean the anus. It might be helpful to be shaved in that area. That's about it. One last thing. You cannot really press. You just wait for mother nature to build up enough pressure. The first days you will visit the bathroom more often. And this is not only because you cannot get enough of the view. Sometimes you will return from only sitting a round on the bowl. Yes, SITTING gentleman! Forget about peeing while standing. Those two won't go together, because you cannot influence the direction of the stream.

Sitting on different types of chairs is at first somewhat challenging. You're shifting around like a little child, who cannot behave. Most of all the string is pressing on your coccyx. Depending on the angel and position you can vary the pain from faint to sharp. Most comfortable is it, to stick the feet deep under the chair. This way the knees are hanging and lever your behind up. Another possibility is to sit on one of your ankles. This brings your bottom automatically into a tilted position. If you are not watched, you might consider sliding into an almost lying position with your legs stretched out. Surprisingly padded chairs are not always the best choice. Depending on the material your bones might sink in deeply, while the flat parts of your belt are pressed against your body.

Standing is the most comfortable position. Walking is quite OK. You can go jogging, I guess, but running is not really an option. It depends on who is chasing you. Keep in mind, that the belt is a kind of bondage. Don't expect it, to not have any effects on your daily life. I just claim, that you can hide these effects. Fortunately I can reach any static position that is possible without the belt. So I can touch my toes with stretched knees. Or I can press my knees together. Crossing legs is possible but uncomfortable. The belt affects especially the dynamic movements and the behavior. Everything you do, is at first with legs apart. E. g. walking upstairs looks ridiculous. Because your thighs rub against the penis cage, you stilt like a stork. Over time the skin might get sore.

One last highlight is riding the bicycle. YES! I'm not kidding. Of course I had to adjust the seat a little, since the penis tube is pointing further down, the saddle needs to point downward too. I'm not telling you, that it is comfortable. Your coccyx is squeezed terribly. That is why you're not really sitting in the saddle. You just touch it, to relieve your legs a little bit. Shifting into the highest gear will reduce the number of movements as well as the speed of your legs rubbing against the penis cage. It looks like your always in a hurry, because you're constantly speeding up or rolling out. It is very hard to keep a certain speed. If nobody is watching, you can shift to one side, so that the belt is next to the saddle and you are sitting on one leg only. Depending on your personal skills I recommend driving hands free in a very upright position. This way you can survive a maximum distance of up to 10 kilometers (approximately 6 miles).


The new back string.

The second measuring

This visit at Reinholds was somewhat shorter, since there was not that much to be done. I also ran into his family. But no comment resulted.

I ordered Reinhold to repair the back part. One connection in the back was broken because of me pulling to hard as I put the belt on. But don't worry. After applying the locks this could never happen. The new back string is wider and made from black carbon fibers that are stiffer.

By this change he could also reshape that part. At first the length was shortened another centimeter. This was necessary to prevent me from retreating from the penis tube. The belt got a lot tighter again, so that it is now really secure. No way out!

On the other hand the curve was bent to better hug my coccyx. Now sitting is easier, because the pressure is spread over a larger region.

Furthermore the bump right above the penis base was raised for improved security. You can see it as gray stuff in the picture above. Together with the tight fit the belt now serves it's purpose of keeping me chaste.

In addition Reinhold drilled some small holes next to the urine drain. This greatly simplifies the toilet visit, because there won't build up pressure within the tube.

All in all the belt is now more comfortable and secure. But still it's not the optimum. The extremely stiff construction of the back string, makes it very hard to put the belt on. Therefore I've ordered another extra, a hinge between the penis cage and the after hole.

Moreover the belt is pulled into a higher position, that called for a little change of the penis tube. I lowered the entrance myself a little.


Detail with open locks.

Problems with the belt

First I have to emphasize that this description evolved along with the belt. It is not a complete list, of what could possibly go wrong. Nevertheless I tried to be as accurate as possible. But on the other hand it will contain problems other wearers never experience. Some issues are only relevant to the male device.

Yes, the belt was measured and custom made to fit me. But still it is a very complex task to achieve a skintight fit. As you can see on the photos, it was in the beginning not sprayed to its final color. This is because Reinhold planned for the necessity of modifying the belt to perfect the security as well as the comfort.

If you think of getting a Reinholds chastity belt for yourself, I recommend to apply right now for a new belt. It will take some months until it comes to an appointment, because the waiting list is always stuffed. I warn to buy a used belt. You will only get the material, which is about one fourth of the value. The other three fourth you should plan for Reinhold's craftsmanship to custom fit the belt to your anatomy. Look into a mirror and decide for yourself, if you think your face is unique? Well, why do you think your ass is not?

The bad news is, that I could in the first revision withdraw my penis from the tube. I couldn't play with myself, because I was so disappointed and not in the mood to do so. With the key in my hand I got another idea. Can I get my member in again? And this also worked. I used a string running through the urine hole around the penis and back to pull my fellow in.

But the changes in the second revision prevent me from escaping any longer. From now on I have a chastity belt and not just a simple belt!

With the first revision, I had bad luck when the connection between the butt string and the after hole broke. This was solved with a redesign of that area, which brought up another difficulty. Now it's a very complex task to enter the belt because of the rigid structure. Even while the locks are still open there is hardly enough space to guide the penis into its tube. Therefore I've ordered a hinge between the penis cage and the after hole. Around the waist a hinge is not necessary, because the material is over a long distance flat and adaptable. The old butt string was also bendable. But it was not long and flexible enough to allow the needed angles. Soon it could not withstand the distortion. That is why the weakest point of that old construction, the link between the hard and soft parts, broke.

As I've mentioned before we are talking about some kind of bondage. So there are some "small pains" you must live with. And again I repeat that all of this could not stop me from recommending a chastity belt for you. Despite all inconvenience I still wear my one!

Most of the problems arise from the fact that a hard material meets your soft skin in your most tender region. As an anchor for the required tightness and lifting the device into its final position, the hipbones support most of the force. That is why the skin is squeezed a lot there. But I did not experience hemorrhages from this, as I feared at first. Since I'm a thin person, it is absolutely impossible to slide the belt down. There is just not enough circumference to allow any tampering.

Normally the skin slides over your bones. But the belt sticks to it. This way it could easily happen that you jam a fold of skin (that could not slide under the belt) between an obstacle and the waist band. Now I'm more cautious of where I lean on. Aware of this I avoid my skin being wrapped around the waist band.

The third anchor, the butt string backs up on the coccyx. This is a key point. The belt needs to be wearable. I must sit a lot. So it's especially important, that this spot is not stressed to much. Only driving my bike is challenging, because almost my whole weight must be supported by the belt.

Going further around the penis cage itself is the last anchor firmly pressed against my private parts. Altogether these spots reliably prevent the belt from moving apart. You can hardly squeeze a finger into the scrotum chamber. And it is now absolutely impossible to get any satisfaction.

If you are walking to much, your thighs might chafe. They scour against the front plate as well as against the after loop. This would not happen in normal daily walking. Only when your legs are drained form marching and you call for a seat your skin might also require a rest from wearing the belt.

Besides there is a cosmetic problem with the paint. Developed for tin, it will eventually flake off of the bendable waist arms. Reinholds granted amendment spaciously. In the beginning, while the leftover solvent evaporates, I recommend to wear the belt on an hourly base only. Other than the smell I didn't realize any symptoms.

Last I want to mention the locking mechanism. As you can see in the picture the lock is a single small part, that is inserted, after the waist band is hooked in. You can also wear the belt some time without being locked. But I wouldn't leave the house, because you never know when it pops open. And it might require to strip and rearrange everything to close the belt again. The biggest advantage of this construction (besides that it is very small) is, that you can easily exchange the locks and keys if you fear, there might exist more keys than the key holder controls. The major drawback is, that you always need a key to lock yourself up. Besides the small parts can easily fall behind the bed, which could be really disturbing, if there is someone lying spread eagled on top of it.

Often it's a part of the erotic fantasies, that a faint "click" seals your doom. I need an extra construction to achieve this. I've build a small container for the key, that can be locked with a normal padlock or a combination lock. It's just a metal pipe. One end was sealed by inserting a piece of wood. I thought about gluing it, but I could not get it out again after the hammer pushed it in. The other side is closed with a removable wooden plug. The lock shackle runs through the hole in the metal and the wood. In the locked state the wood is concealed behind metal. The combination lock allows the key holder to grant release via Email or telephone.


Lockable key container.

Problems with the penis cage

For securities sake it was necessary, to tighten the belt in its second revision. In addition Reinhold enlarged the bulge right above the penis base. The outline of the penis cage is pressing against the skin. Normally this is not uncomfortable, but together with the additional force when you are sitting, it might hinder blood circulation. So you cannot hold still for hours anymore. Every ten minutes you shift around your chair. If you don't do so, it will feel like something hot burning you. In combination with driving a car for a long distance, I thought it was the sun warming my pants. But later on I realized this also happens when my "non-iron underwear" has a moderate temperature.

Putting the belt on, it is possible that you squeeze your testicles. And even if you are very careful, sometimes you cannot close the belt immediately. The slightest announcement of an erection hinders the penis from completely shifting into its sheath. The additional volume is pressing on your testicles. Normally your balls can move freely in your scrotum and escape danger. But with the belt on they need to be shook into the right position. Once locked accurately in place the belt acts like a shield. It will protect the scrotum along with the cock from every outside influence; especially from your own fingers!

The next issue with entering is directing the penis into the tube. At first this seems easy. But it isn't! You need to absolutely control your erection, for making it as small as possible. The skin surface should be dry. This will reduce the sticking of the skin to the material. Next you put your legs into the belt and slide it up. When your about ten centimeter from your final destination you guide your member into its hole. The additional hinge would simplify this a lot. So far the easy part.

Next you slide the belt higher. (Still without getting aroused!) It is as if you try to sit down inside a U. But the vertical parts are glued to your skin. Therefore you bend the construction open. Again a hinge or more of the flexible material would simplify this. But the hardest task is the correct placement of your penis and scrotum. They are already hidden behind the belt. So you can only probe in with your fingers. Other than that you can shake the whole belt and hope that everything falls in place.

As expected the hinge did the trick. Now I don't worry about putting the belt on any longer. I just do it. And because it is so easy and fast to be done, it gets a lot easier to control your erection for some ten seconds until the belt takes over, instead of minutes, when somebody is fumbling between your legs. At first I feared, the hinge might introduce new problems with walking, when it rubs against your thighs, but I definitely cannot tell it being there until I use my fingers. Reinholds did a really wonderful job with this add on.

All this is so difficult, because you cannot allow your foreskin to shift back. It would fold up and soon it would start hurting. This was exactly what I found as I opened the belt after my first middle term wear. It is not some part of the belt rubbing your skin sore, as I first thought. Instead the creases are responsible for the bruise. Moreover your member needs to slide down all the way as far as possible. Otherwise too much volume stays in the wrong chamber and you cannot close the locks.

A good sign is, when the foreskin sticks out through the urine hole. Then you know, that there is no fold. This often happens after twelve hours or a day. The sweat along with some urine drops and slime form some half erections allow for enough sliding. The bother with this is, that the protruding skin gets easily jammed, which is really painful.

Therefore Reinholds changed the initial one large urine outlet into a sieve of small holes. This has another benefit in so far, that it solves another problem. During an erection the glans is pressed against the dead end. So there builds up a blister-like bulge. Moreover the one hole was always blocked by the tip of the penis. Then urine could flow back into the scrotum chamber, because pressure builds up when the urethra does not mouth directly into it.

Within the body more fluids than only blood circulate. Once the lymph drainage was suppressed. This resulted into a swollen foreskin. It didn't hurt, but it was funny to look at. The pout of Marilyn Monroe on top of my penis.

One last thing about hygiene. Of course you cannot wash your member directly. But it is possible to poke into the scrotum chamber as well as anywhere else under the belt. Moreover you can rinse the soap into the penis tube. For the intermediate cleaning I've ordered a bottle from laboratory supply, that squirts water into the urine holes. This way the smell can be kept on a minimum level. Nevertheless I recommend to open the belt at least once a week. Other than water and soap I didn't use any creams or powders.

The wearer must learn to distinguish the different signals coming from that region. Some of those might require opening the belt within the next hours. I emphasize this especially for the wearers, because I fear, they might consider not to say anything out of wrong proud. If the key holder gets to many false alarms, you can think about other "punishments". But don't ignore any hurts. Of course the wearer will be locked in again as soon as possible without relieve. This way there is no motivation for forged pains.


Red and black; my new colors.


In this last chapter I wanted to give the key holder some clues of times at which things happen.

At first you must plan for half an hour for locking your slave up. Of course you can be lucky and he is in within five minutes. But I have problems to really control erections. And I don't mean an upright hard cock but the difference between "all blood is sucked out of the penis" and "it is a little bit swollen but far away from being rock hard". For me it is very helpful to use underpants and then quickly change into the belt.

For the tests at Reinholds this is not an issue, because the delinquent only wears the device for only a maximum of half an hour. But for longterm wear it is necessary to sort your private parts into a well defined position.

After locking the first deadline is at about five minutes. Then you'll know if there is undue pressure on the testicles. Your slave can hardly walk and will roll on the floor fighting for breath. A normal erection cannot put this much force on the genitals. This is only possible by pressing the belt close. Eventually the pain might stop another ten minutes later. Perhaps the half erection faded away. But it's not always a good sign. You cannot just go on. It might also be that the lack of oxygen calmed the hurting nerves. Or the pressure numbed the pain by cutting of the nerves directly.

From 15 minutes up to three hours you can judge whether he complains about a strange heat. Then there is something wrong with blood circulation. Order him to move and shake the belt. If the warmth returns after another 15 minutes or stays all the time you definitely have to relock him. Open the locks but don't pull the belt down. Now you shake the penis cage. And make sure you hear the penis slapping against it's confinement. If this won't help, give him an hour of freedom. And remember that handcuffed hands dangling right beneath the ceiling won't touch anywhere wrong.

The next time to know about is in the early morning hours between 3 and 6 o'clock. The male body cannot pee with an erection. So it's a very convenient method for the body to get a stiff penis instead of waking up and walking to the bathroom. Over time this gets a pleasant habit, that's shifted further into the night. Even without the urge of urine pressure there's a "precautionary" erection.

It builds up over hours without him being able to control it during sleep. At a certain point either the blood or lymph will swell the penis to fill the tube completely. When it starts to hurt he will wake up. Normally this is no reason to call for the key. He just needs to stand up and stay standing upright for about 20 minutes. No matter how tired he is. The fluids will drain by magic, the pain fades away and everything is fine. If he does not stand long enough he might have to repeat the procedure after another hour of discomfort.

Every 24 hours he needs to check, whether the skin to the sides of the penis cage got sore form walking. Then he should avoid sitting for long and walking. He can stand or kneel and eventually lay down. Mainly he should not move his thighs against the belt. The sore spots will heal, but it will take longer than without the belt.

At least once a week you should plan a sanitary checkup. In the first month of settling in you should do this very often and extend the time slowly. The belt should be removed completely and you check for wounds. In addition this is a good time for cleaning everything. Because you cannot allow him to touch the corpus delicti you need to do this work for him.

Since I'm still holding the keys myself, I cannot tell you about the psychological side of times being locked up. But I'm confident to learn about these things in the future.

That's about it! I hope you enjoyed my little insights. If not, here is a last one: Isn't it a beautiful look of his last seconds in freedom? © 2003

A deep view behind the shield.


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